How to get the most of VIPole affiliate programs: practical tips to make money


Affiliate marketing is a win-win opportunity for business and customers and an easy way to earn money online. The company has the product and the people have the audience that might be interested in it. This is why the business is ready to share a cut of profits with loyal customers.

VIPole affiliate programs are easy to enroll and to participate, and with a serious approach to your business, you can earn even more. Every effort is followed by inspiring results. We have gathered practical advice on how to make participation in affiliate programs more profitable, and we observed it with VIPole features and the terms of the Business Club in mind.

VIPole partners and Business Club members get money for promoting VIPole products from their home. With dedication and masterhood of participants, affiliate programs bring significant extra money. There are multiple ways for attracting people and benefiting from their activity.

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The Future of Instant Messaging


A bit of statistics

The overall traffic in messaging apps is expected to more than triple by 2019 since 2014 – from almost 31 trillion to 100 trillion globally, according to Juniper Research. Messengers are the technology that facilitates both entertaining activities and business collaboration. Over the top communication is quick, easy and cheap and it will connect people in so many new ways during the upcoming years. Today we will speak about the features that enrich messengers in order to give you more than just an opportunity to send a «Hello, where are you?» message.

Why it’s good for people

The start of 2016 has proved that the global audience has shifted to messengers. According to the Business Insider report, the combined user base of the top four chat apps is larger than the combined user base of the top four social networks. This popularity is predictable: it’s cheaper than traditional telecommunications, it has more features than e-mail and it’s more private than social media. On top of that, the cost of plain smartphones has become relatively low, and the interface of messengers is easy even for your grandmother.

An average smartphone user has ~36 apps installed with 68% of them in the field of social & communication. The services that are the most popular in different countries vary, however most users use several messengers to connect with family, friends and co-workers. Continue reading

VIPole enterprise solutions as a Skype for Business alternative: a comparative look

blog vipole vs skype

Why your business needs a messenger

With the major part of daily human interactions occurring in messengers, business issues are discussed there along with personal affairs. When different friends and colleagues prefer different chat apps, all conversations are distributed across several more or less secure services. This is when confidential corporate data is vulnerable. Corporate emails and traditional telecommunications are no longer efficient enough, and everyone is online in messengers day and night. Smart online collaboration between coworkers has become a necessity in today’s business environment. Permanent involvement in discussions and decision-making is integral for success.

To satisfy the demand for permanent connection and avoid leakages, companies aim to unite communications in a single system. The corporate messaging trend is quite hot now and constantly transforming as new services provide new opportunities. When a team needs chats, collaboration tools and video conferencing, the first service that comes to mind is Skype with its cloud and server solutions. This is the field where we are together, as VIPole also unites teams and brands on cloud and server platforms. When it comes to functionality, we really have a lot in common, but our approach to privacy and security differs fundamentally. In this post, we speak about the functionality, safety and cost of VIPole enterprise solutions and Skype for business and make recommendations on reducing the risks that business data faces daily.

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VIPole Resolutions for 2016

resolutions 2016-1

2015 was a lucky year for VIPole: we have expanded our developers’ team, released the long awaited iOS version, launched fundamentally new multiuser conferences and added new features for privacy protection and business collaboration. That was a productive year, and our team will continue this course in 2016 with many inspiring ideas and innovations. We are already testing some of the new features, including the upcoming iOS updates that will be soon released.

Some of our development plans for 2016:

  • The release of the open source VIPole client.
  • VIPole Everywhere technology – empowering users to communicate directly with each other, bypassing VIPole servers.
  • The White Label solution – VIPole technologies with individual branding.
  • Certainly a bunch of new features for all VIPole versions. The iOS app will evolve significantly.
  • Videoconferencing will include new collaboration features and new formats of data exchange.

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VIPole iOS app is on the App Store – download and explore!


What we all have long been waiting for is now here – VIPole 1.0 for iOS is on the App Store and you can download it and start chatting today! December is the time for miracles, and the result of efforts of all our team is also a sort of a miracle – created for the people, by the people. We hope you like the lovely and handy design of the app with all the core VIPole features. Encrypted instant messaging, group chats and secure voice calls cannot wait to assist your daily interactions. Download and explore!

Use VIPole on all your devices to increase productivity: the app is crossplatform and synchronizes your data across mobile and desktop devices. Set the synchronization period that is best for you. The desktop version is equally good on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. IPhone users are unlikely to use the Android devices as well, but just for your information – VIPole on Android supports file exchange and is now generally more sophisticated then the brand new iOS app. The iOS version is in soft launch and is not as full-featured yet as the desktop one and every update will broaden the communication opportunities of the app.

This post gives an overview of the features available in the iOS version of VIPole now. The newcomers who have just downloaded the app will get a detailed instruction on what it’s all about and how to get started. However, even those users who have been using the desktop version for a long time may discover new tricks here. Continue reading

VIPole for teamwork: techniques and tricks

vipole for teamwork

Imagine a large estate that welcomes dozens of guests. The building has many rooms, some are hidden and only the owner knows how to get there and how to open the door. In one room folks play bridge, the other room is a dancing hall, the third room is for political and philosophical debates, a small room gives privacy for the conversation of the two. This is a natural way of human communication. When you choose one of VIPole solutions for business, you become an owner of a virtual estate, and you create rooms and invite people. Confidential conversations never leave the borders of the estate.

The connected world has given us all the opportunities that we could never imagine before, but as we can be more effective now, we have to show the best of what we can do every day. Communication habits have changed significantly throughout the past decade, and internet communication has become a heavy and sometimes the dominating part of daily interactions. Chats, blogs, social media, messengers – it’s now common to participate in a group chat, that connects the parents of the classmates, in a group chat of your foreign language course or of your local volleyball team. The workplace communications tend to be more conservative, depending on the field. Tech companies and news organizations are among the pioneers who are the first to discover the convenience of messengers for business.

Encrypted instant messaging for enterprises has changed the landscape of business communications, as we knew it a few years ago. Sophisticated products are designed to meet sophisticated demands. VIPole is not just an app, it can become your own private corporate messenger with encrypted conversations, group chats related to projects and secure voice and video calls.

VIPole is for you if:

  • You want your team members to be always connected and discuss your projects securely, whenever, wherever.
  • You often assemble conference calls and you want to exclude wiretapping.
  • You care about the safety of the personal data of your employees, partners and clients.
  • The documents you are working with may ruin everything if leaked. You don’t want them to ever be leaked or even vulnerable.
  • You want to separate your business affairs from the free services where the service provider knows your personal data.
  • You need a multifunctional and safe tool with all communication and collaboration features in one app.

Our customers call VIPole a Skype alternative, as we offer private messaging, group chats, video calls and audio calls. But we’ve got more features for teams including task management and file storage, we are secure and we guarantee privacy for every our user. Your safety and productivity are the main aspects taken into account for the design and the architecture of VIPole. The new features we introduce are inspired by the experience and the wishes of our customers.

VIPole allows to structure all working discussions into different flows in accordance with the projects, the topics and the departments. Every VIPole feature has both evident and hidden opportunities, are you sure that you know how to make them work for you as productively as possible? Continue reading

Group account or Corporate Server: what to choose for the team?

group account vs server what to choose

Hundreds of millions of people all over the planet use messengers daily. We are all used to the convenience of conversations when any acquaintance is at the fingertips and any kind of data, be it a document or just a landscape photo, can be shared immediately, even if the data recipient is in thousands of kilometers away. As messengers became a widespread technology, enterprises got an advantage from them when they needed to coordinate a small group of people and exchange data. Still the opportunity to exchange texts and pictures is unable to cover all the communication needs of companies. Maintaining a project often requires tools that are provided by several independent services.

There is one more concern – security. Employees use personal devices to access enterprise data. When conversations go beyond the boundaries of corporate data exchange – the company no longer controls the routes of the data. This risk is considered inevitable, as employees should be always connected to stay effective. When we speak about data security, compromises won’t make business safer. Encrypted communication with additional tools for data exchange and storage may be a solution. VIPole allows to control the data on all connected devices at all stages of storage and transmission. In this post, we will showcase the opportunities of VIPole solutions for teams and enterprises that can become a part of your daily private and business interactions.

VIPole group chats, conferences and task management enable businesses to achieve more and protect sensitive data from intruders. With target-oriented interconnection both within the company and with the vendors and business partners all the communications of the company can be categorized into different flows. Exchange messages and files, make audio and video calls, arrange conferences and hold meetings, send large files in the middle of the conversation or call and get notifications when the file transfer is complete – it is all in one app.

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VIPole affiliate programs and how to benefit from them

VIPole messenger affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a constantly developing profitable technique of earning money online. Since 1994, it has proved to be a win-win system for both enterprises and customers. Active loyal clients who are willing to recommend brands are valuable for building trust to these brands, therefore companies are interested in developing motivated communities around themselves. As VIPole has launched 3 affiliate programs: VIPole Partner, Business Club and a Bonus program, it’s high time to give more details on what they are made for, what active participation may bring to you and how to succeed.

VIPole Business Сlub and VIPole Partner became an integral part of VIPole with two objectives in mind: we wanted to give our users a tool for making money online and to broaden our community. VIPole gratefully splits the profit with you for referring friends to try VIPole data security solutions. Promoting VIPole products for a commission is a simple and transparent model for earning money online: when you bring referrals – you are paid. Continue reading

Data security for business: combating the threats

How to protect the data from breaches

The negligence of the companies may cause leaks when the business owners prefer to save money on anti-virus software and leave the employees without clear instructions on security policy. In the meantime, external threats can be sometimes too sophisticated for countering. Therefore, companies should anticipate disaster response. We gave an overview of the most common data breaches in business in our previous post. Now it’s time to speak about combating them. The methods of data breach prevention will be in our focus today.

Business owners are interested in the best control of their data. The risk of breaches is especially high when the company has to protect not only its own affairs, but also the customer databases. Apart from hacking poorly protected systems, frauds may perform malware and social engineering attacks.

To secure themselves, the most responsible companies hire high-qualified IT professionals, build a solid security infrastructure and train employees. Nonetheless protecting the perimeter is not a guarantee that the sensible data is unreachable for violations elsewhere. The data should stay secure during all operations including transmitting, editing and storing. If you are not an IT specialist, not all the cases when data is vulnerable are evident. However, when you know the threats – you can diminish the risks. The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) reported that more than 90 % of data breaches that occurred in the first half of 2014 could have easily been prevented.

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Data leaks: the threat does not always come from where you expected


Data protection is necessary for the reputation of every brand, and it is particularly topical for the companies that store private data of their customers. E.g., access to the mobile phone number may mean access to e-money. Data breaches in companies result in the shift of the customers to the uncompromised rivals. Losing data may lead to losing reputation, customers, partners, and in the worst cases the whole business. Make your company trustworthy by protecting it from data leaks. Today we will look upon the factors that put safety of businesses in jeopardy.

In this article, we won’t give you a manual on operating a shredder to destroy your white papers or speak about eavesdropping devices and similar old-fashioned methods. Cyber threats are our subject.

The costs of data breaches are increasing every year although data protection systems are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated. Even the best security software won’t protect you, if you fail to protect yourself. Leaving the laptop unlocked or writing down the password and keeping in on a sticker at a workplace – some people just don’t care until their accounts are captured and the data is stolen. Everyone is responsible for the security of his or her private data, while at work every employee is responsible for the security of the whole business. This is what we are going to speak about today – how to protect your data and what may threaten it.

You may invest in the best security protection technologies including firewalls and antivirus software, but your own employees are the vulnerable spot, especially if they are unaware about the threats. They may share the sensitive data on purpose or by accident or even exploit it.

Edward Snowden may have persuaded between 20 and 25 fellow workers at the NSA regional operations center in Hawaii to give him their logins and passwords by telling them they were needed for him to do his job as a computer systems administrator – Reuters reported.

There are both external and internal causes for data leaks, and they are closely interconnected. The social engineer attack is external, but if your employee has no idea about such attacks and how to deal with them – it is your fault. Mismanagement of business processes involving data exchange, storage and access may bring risks.

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