VIPole iOS app is on the App Store – download and explore!


What we all have long been waiting for is now here – VIPole 1.0 for iOS is on the App Store and you can download it and start chatting today! December is the time for miracles, and the result of efforts of all our team is also a sort of a miracle – created for the people, by the people. We hope you like the lovely and handy design of the app with all the core VIPole features. Encrypted instant messaging, group chats and secure voice calls cannot wait to assist your daily interactions. Download and explore!

Use VIPole on all your devices to increase productivity: the app is crossplatform and synchronizes your data across mobile and desktop devices. Set the synchronization period that is best for you. The desktop version is equally good on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. IPhone users are unlikely to use the Android devices as well, but just for your information – VIPole on Android supports file exchange and is now generally more sophisticated then the brand new iOS app. The iOS version is in soft launch and is not as full-featured yet as the desktop one and every update will broaden the communication opportunities of the app.

This post gives an overview of the features available in the iOS version of VIPole now. The newcomers who have just downloaded the app will get a detailed instruction on what it’s all about and how to get started. However, even those users who have been using the desktop version for a long time may discover new tricks here.

Scalable security

The iOS version of VIPole runs under the same security standards as the desktop version does. All your messages are encrypted before transmission and decrypted on the devices of the intended recipients. The secure channels ensure the privacy of your calls. When you start using VIPole on your iPhone, you need to enter the password and the secret phrase for the first authorization. Then you may strengthen the security by setting auto lock and auto logout on inactivity. You may also save the secret phrase on the device, which makes the way to your chats shorter, but makes your account vulnerable.

The «More» button leads to account settings and extensions:

  • My connections – view all your self-connections and disconnect remotely when you leave a device unattended.
  • Security – increase the security of the app on your device, setting the sms confirmation for critical parameters, the fake secret phrase, message burning etc.
  • Settings – choose the sounds for notifications or turn them off, set the synchronization period and view the connection options.
  • Password manager – the safe space for your sensitive data, protected by the secret phrase and available on all your devices only to you.
  • Feedback – the iOS version is in the soft launch now, therefore every minor observation may improve the performance of the app. We are looking forward to your opinion.

Contact list management

VIPole is created as a secure communication tool for those who choose privacy and prefer to interact only with a concrete circle of acquaintances. VIPole does not grab the data from your phone book, email and social media to suggest renewing the conversation with all the people you used to know throughout your whole life. «Your ex-boss and your ex-girlfriend have started using the app – would you like to add them to your contact list?» NOOO!!! Let them talk to each other. VIPole safeguards you from undesirable communication, and only you choose whom to grant the right to disturb you.

Adding contacts is easy – you need to know their username (VPole ID). Tap the «+» o the top right of the «Contacts» or the «Recent» tab to add someone you want to chat with. Enter the name to search for the person in the system, send your authorization request and start the conversation after the request is approved.

Apart from the basic authorization process, you may enhance your privacy (tap «More» > «Security»).

Choose who will be able to send messages to you:

  • Anyone. Unauthorized users don’t see your profile info and can’t call you – texting only.
  • Authorized contacts only. You may grant adding to contact list: always, after answering the question that you’ve set, or never.

Encrypted instant messaging

End-to-end encryption protects every word and every smile in VIPole, therefore both business talks with your vendors and the tender messages from your significant other are unreachable for anyone but the chat participants. Tap on the name in your contact list to start the chat.

In VIPole, you can change your mind anytime – tap on the pencil to edit your message – and it will be changed on the device of the recipient respectively. You may also delete messages and wipe the whole history at once. Some conversations should not be stored even in the encrypted messenger. If the conversation is secret and you are convinced that you will no longer need to read the discussed issues – you may set message burning for all or for certain contacts. Choose the lifetime for these messages: from 1 minute and up to 3 months.

Chat rooms for the unlimited number of users

VIPole has no restrictions for the number of people you invite to the chat. The amount of acquaintances in your contact list and group chats is limited only by your social skills. While introverts appreciate our strict privacy settings, extraverts invite folks to VIPole and switch from one chat to another – the main challenge is to avoid the wrong window problem.

To start a new group chat, tap the «+» on the top right of the «Contacts» or the «Recent» tab and invite friends from your contact list.

Create group chats for small working teams and for the whole departments, for permanent and for short-term projects. The users in the chat can invite their contacts, and even the people who have never seen each other are united by the secure VIPole chat room. File exchange and multiuser video conferences are not yet supported in the iOS version, but you may put your team together in the app and continue the conversation on your Mac or PC.

Secure voice calls

Voice calls in VIPole are secure and free. Wherever you are connected to Wi-Fi, – you can call your family, friends and colleagues no matter how remote they are located in your city, country or on our planet. The conversations are encrypted end-to-end and unreachable for eavesdropping.

To call your friend, open the chat window and tap on the phone icon on the top right. You may hold the call in case you get a new one. For those who put safety first – hide your IP during the call if you don’t want your contact to figure out your IP address.

Instant messaging is convenient, and sometimes when we don’t see friends for a long time we are used to read their messages, not to hear their voice on the phone, because messengers and social media have changed our socialization habits. Deferred communication and Google make us smarter online, but these conversations lack the charm and the sincerity of instant reactions. Voice calls bring the live human conversation back, enjoy it in VIPole and forget about the usual mobile communications expenses.

Encrypted password manager

VIPole securely stores your passwords for various accounts and services. Accessing the password manager requires your secret phrase. You may either create separate folders for different groups of passwords or store them in the default folder if there are few of them.

To add a new password to the password manager, tap «More» > «Password manager» > «+» > and then add a group or an account. Click on the eye icon to make the password either visible or invisible.

You can easily share passwords with your contacts – tap «Share», choose the contact – and the password will be sent to the private chat in the hidden form. Yet another way to keep a secret in VIPole.

Feedback is welcome

The iOS version is at the starting point now, and it has a long way ahead, with many features to join the core set. Download VIPole for iOS and join the encrypted conversation on your iPhone.

Contact VIPole ID support if you face any problems and use the feedback form (More > Feedback) to send a bug report if anything goes wrong. We would appreciate your reviews on the App Store – share your experience, but don’t be too strict with the newly created app, it will grow and acquire new skills to give you the best communication experience!

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