VIPole Resolutions for 2016

resolutions 2016-1

2015 was a lucky year for VIPole: we have expanded our developers’ team, released the long awaited iOS version, launched fundamentally new multiuser conferences and added new features for privacy protection and business collaboration. That was a productive year, and our team will continue this course in 2016 with many inspiring ideas and innovations. We are already testing some of the new features, including the upcoming iOS updates that will be soon released.

Some of our development plans for 2016:

  • The release of the open source VIPole client.
  • VIPole Everywhere technology – empowering users to communicate directly with each other, bypassing VIPole servers.
  • The White Label solution – VIPole technologies with individual branding.
  • Certainly a bunch of new features for all VIPole versions. The iOS app will evolve significantly.
  • Videoconferencing will include new collaboration features and new formats of data exchange.

Liberating from the main servers – VIPole Everywhere

VIPole everywhereThis year we are planning to present a unique communication technology – VIPole Everywhere. This way of data transmission will enable VIPole users to exchange data independently from VIPole servers. Even when our main servers are unavailable or blocked due to any reasons, the connection between our users will stay strong and unaffected.

With VIPole Everywhere, a secure P2P channel will be established for conversations, bypassing the main VIPole server. Furthermore, VIPole Everywhere technology will give the owners of VIPole corporate servers the opportunity to contact any other team that owns a corporate server without involving the main servers.

As the main server is not involved in peer-to-peer communication, there are certain details that users should keep in mind. To start a conversation, VIPole users will need to establish a session channel. Communication continues only as long as the session channel is set – if the connection fails, the session is closed, and the users are no longer able to send and upload data. To continue the conversation, the session channel has to be established again.


VIPole open source release


Our tech support team is often answering questions about VIPole open source and where to find it. Some users are just curious and consider open source programs more reliable, while others want to modify and build the program independently. Above all, there are corporate clients whose companies adhere to the safety standards that require using open source software only. Auditing the programs that are applied in enterprises ensures the security, especially when it comes to data protection. We understand your concerns, and this year VIPole is planning to become more transparent.

VIPole will soon become open source, giving the opportunity of analyzing the vulnerabilities of the client and the protocol and building the application independently. We consider open source the way to engage people who will help us make VIPole even more safe and handy. As developers all over the world will be able to review our code, build and test VIPole independently, we are ready to fix imperfections and vulnerabilities if our users spot any or suggest ideas on improving the application performance.

We want to be transparent for those people, who not only chat in messengers, but also have the understanding of how messengers work. Your opinion is valuable not only for VIPole, for the general industry development. Transparency, engagement and collaboration is what makes the IT world go round.


White label – the customized solution

warhol-catVIPole application can be branded individually for enterprise customers. White label solution is best suitable for large corporations with highly developed corporate culture that would like to deploy their personal communication system for messaging, file exchange, voice and video calls and conferencing and task management. International corporations as well as transport and technology companies and state companies prefer to use the software that is designed especially for their needs, and VIPole offers the solution that is fully customizable and scalable.

When VIPole becomes your branded communication platform, it may acquire your logo and the corporate colors of your company. VIPole features and data security standards will remain unchanged when you give them a new name and you will get all the updates as long as you are using the platform.

Whatever your business is, you can get your own, customized communication platform that will unite your employees and take care of your data. Additional features can be developed exclusively for your team, and as the system is fully scalable, the new offices and colleagues will easily get involved in all business communication flows.


The near future for desktop and mobile VIPole apps


In case we tell you literally everything about our plans for the year, the upcoming releases will no longer be a surprise for you, and there are certain opportunities in development that we’d prefer to keep secret for the time being. This is why we will speak about the areas of development and about the next scheduled releases, which are almost ready.

  • Videoconferences will get further collaboration opportunities, including screen sharing, video recording and exchanging.
  • New formats of video conferencing will be introduced for enterprise customers, with the refined picture and voice transmission quality.
  • Group chat features will be topped up by new moderating opportunities.

Further development of the iOS app is among the top priorities of VIPole. The version that is in the App Store now will become more rich-featured to meet the standards that are were set by the desktop and the Android versions, with the interface specifically designed for heavy iPhone users.

In the nearest iOS update, the bugs in the current version will be fixed and personalized security settings will be added for each contact. The next major iOS update that is scheduled for February will bring about file sharing and the ability to manage the payments within the app. Then the main VIPole features and special options will further complement the iOS version.

These are just a few of the main development directions we are working on now. Some of the upcoming features will make your daily business interactions more fruitful, while the other are designed to save you in emergencies. Now that you know the plans for the year, you may keep track of them becoming a reality. In case you have any global ideas or suggestions about VIPole – please contact VIPole ID Support or use the feedback form on our website.

Let 2016 be productive and exciting for us all!

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