VIPole enterprise solutions as a Skype for Business alternative: a comparative look

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Why your business needs a messenger

With the major part of daily human interactions occurring in messengers, business issues are discussed there along with personal affairs. When different friends and colleagues prefer different chat apps, all conversations are distributed across several more or less secure services. This is when confidential corporate data is vulnerable. Corporate emails and traditional telecommunications are no longer efficient enough, and everyone is online in messengers day and night. Smart online collaboration between coworkers has become a necessity in today’s business environment. Permanent involvement in discussions and decision-making is integral for success.

To satisfy the demand for permanent connection and avoid leakages, companies aim to unite communications in a single system. The corporate messaging trend is quite hot now and constantly transforming as new services provide new opportunities. When a team needs chats, collaboration tools and video conferencing, the first service that comes to mind is Skype with its cloud and server solutions. This is the field where we are together, as VIPole also unites teams and brands on cloud and server platforms. When it comes to functionality, we really have a lot in common, but our approach to privacy and security differs fundamentally. In this post, we speak about the functionality, safety and cost of VIPole enterprise solutions and Skype for business and make recommendations on reducing the risks that business data faces daily.

Collaboration: features for teamwork

CollaborationBoth VIPole and Skype unite teams and people, but the essence of our services is different. Skype offers calls, conferencing, private and group chats and a number of features for teamwork. VIPole has all these features and compliments them with the encrypted data storage and a range of tools for project management that makes setting goals and monitoring the progress easy. VIPole gives the system owner the smart tools for controlling the activity of employees and centrally managing the security settings. The tables below compare the features of Skype and VIPole cloud and server solutions.

Security for Teams
Corporate Server
Skype for
Skype for
Business Server
 Instant messaging yes yes yes yes
Group chats yes yes yes yes
 Messaging to several contacts yes yes yes yes
Delayed message delivery yes yes no no
Messaging to offline users yes yes no no
Self-destructing messages yes yes no no
Editing and deleting messages yes yes yes yes
Text formatting yes yes no no
Spellchecking yes yes no no
Managing chat history yes yes no no
Deleting chat history across
all contacts
yes yes yes yes
Deleting chat history for a
specific contact
yes yes no no
Deleting chat history for a
certain time period
yes yes no no
Searching history by a contact
or a group chat
yes yes yes yes
Searching  chat history across
all contacts and group chats
yes yes no no
Managing online presence
and statuses
yes yes yes yes
 Blacklist contacts yes yes yes yes
Hidden contacts yes yes no no
Sending files yes yes yes yes
Sending files to offline users yes yes no no
Delayed file delivery yes yes no no
Managing files yes yes no no
Storing files yes yes no yes
Deleting sent files from
the devices of contacts
yes yes no no
Resume file upload/download
after temporary disconnection
yes yes no no
Encrypted data storage
on user devices
yes yes no no
 Encrypted data storage
on server
yes yes no no
Voice messaging yes yes yes yes
Audio calls yes yes yes yes
Calls to mobile and
landline phones
yes SIP module needed to
enable VoIP
no Enterprise
license needed
Impromptu group audio
yes yes Online Plan 2 needed Enterprise
license needed
Permanent group audio
yes yes no no
Video calls in HD yes yes yes yes
Impromptu group video
yes yes Online Plan 2 needed Enterprise
license needed
Permanent group video
yes yes no no
Managing conferences and
moderating conversations
yes yes no Enterprise
license needed
Screen sharing Upcoming in 2016 Upcoming in 2016 yes yes
Recording meetings Upcoming in 2016 Upcoming in 2016 Online Plan 2 needed yes
Encrypted voice and video calls yes yes no no
Encrypted voice and
video conferences
yes yes no no
Task manager yes yes no no
Daily planner yes yes no In Outlook
Password manager yes yes no no
Notes yes yes no In Outlook
Integration with external
systems and services
no LDAP, Asterisk, Zabbix Microsoft only
Online Plan 2

Data security and encryption


VIPole is the intelligent system combining default and configurable security. Apart from the methods that are used for encrypting conversations and ensuring data protection against interceptions, we have developed a variety of features for additional access protection and data safety. The admin panel in VIPole allows to centrally manage the security settings and connections of all team members.





Always end-to-end

Client-server only

Encrypted data storage on devices



Encrypted data storage on the server



Encrypted voice calls



Encrypted audio conferences



Encrypted video calls



Encrypted video conferences


As an enterprise messenger, we consider the sensitive data safety our priority. VIPole stands out of seemingly similar communication and collaboration services with the basic security principles that are applied to data exchange and storage there.




Adding and removing users



Monitoring and managing user


Centralized security management


Applying security templates


Access control



Emergency data protection tools



Skype was built to connect remote friends and family members and therefore the service established itself as a handy free application. However, it does not mean that there are no alternatives on the market, on the contrary – independent services may be even more useful:

  • Conferencing providers may offer a better video quality.
  • Services developed for project management have diverse features for structuring workflows in companies and integration with third-party services.
  • Encrypted messengers offer higher security level with no risks of personal data leaks.

All VIPole communication features are developed with security in mind. When you deploy VIPole messenger within your company, you get not only a communication system – you get the safety guarantee for all your personal data, conversations and company databases.


Getting started and pricing


Pricing in VIPole is simple and transparent, and you can easily calculate the cost of the cloud or server VIPole version for your team. Every corporate client can test VIPole for free and get the detailed consultation on the product and how to make the most of it. With the individual approach and discounts for corporate clients, we offer the smart and powerful system to make your team more efficient and successful.

The Skype for Business pricing depends on many factors, and you often have to pay for additional features. Various solutions are offered for different types of organizations.

  VIPole Security for Teams VIPole Corporate Server Skype for Business Online Skype for Business Server

Getting started

Cloud solution on VIPole servers Server software installed on standalone or cluster servers within companies or in data centres.

Easily deployed in Windows Server and Linux Debian.

Cloud solution on Skype servers Server software installed within companies.

Installed on Windows Server only, Microsoft SQL Server is required.


The full-featured solution

Discounts for big teams

Annual or monthly payments

The full-featured solution.

The solution for 25 users costs $1750 per year.

The system owner pays only for the number of active participants, regardless of their name and devices.


Limited features in Online Plan 1

Almost full-
featured Online Plan 2

Annual payments


The comparable solution for 25 users costs approximately $10,746.

The License is tied either to users or to devices.

Multistage licensing, different price for different sets of features, separately paid updates.

(The price may vary depending on the supplier).

Trial period
yes yes no yes

The minimum cost of the cloud version of Skype for Business is relatively low, but the basic package gives you only the minimum set of features that is unable to cover all the needs of connected teams. If you need conferencing – you have to buy a separate license. After you realize that you lack certain tools, you need to purchase more and more Microsoft products for teamwork. The payments in Skype are tied to concrete users or devices, which may be a problem when employees leave the company or start using new devices.

The cost of VIPole for Teams minimum package price is comparatively higher, but it immediately gives you all the tools VIPole has developed for teams including multiuser conferencing, data storage and instruments for controlling the activity of the employees along with the fundamentally different data security level. The range of features in VIPole does not depend on the type of license – you just get everything at once. In VIPole you pay only for the number of active users in your system, therefore, your employees are able to easily switch devices and you can expand your team – VIPole will grow together with you.

VIPole and Skype: why we are different

There are dozens of solutions for instant messaging and online calls on the market, and new services spring up like mushrooms overnight, offering the features for any taste and budget. Choosing the right one is tricky, especially if this decision will influence the further development of the company in the long term. The features that VIPole and Skype offer may seem similar at first glance but the differences become evident when it comes to data protection methods. The hallmarks of both services are reviewed in details in the tables above, and here are some brief final findings in a nutshell:



Full-featured cloud and server solutions. Cloud solutions with limited features, additionally purchased features in the server version.
Easy start with all the necessary features provided immediately in the basic pack. Microsoft infrastructure needed.
The independent enterprise solution for all communication objectives. One of Microsoft services for Microsoft lovers.
The server solution is developed for Windows Server and Linux Debian. The server solution is only for Windows server.
 Fixed price for all features with no extra payments. Additional payments for multiuser conferences and moderating conversations.
 Payments are tied to the number of active user licenses, regardless of their names and devices. Payments are tied to specific users or devices that cannot be replaced.
Screen sharing and video recording are in development. Screen sharing and video recording in conferences (Online Plan 2 needed).
Data encryption on devices, on servers and in transit. Client-server encryption only.
A comprehensive set of tools for moderating conversations, countering emergencies, controlling connections and managing individual security settings of team members. A minimum set of administrative tools for chats and conferences.
Collaboration and data storage features including task management, organizer, data storage and password manager.  Daily planner and notes in Outlook.
Seamless integration with third-party systems.  Integration with other Microsoft services.
White label solution possible – with your company name, logo and colors. When you choose Skype for Business, you choose Microsoft.

When we need to choose a service for our objectives, we compare the available solutions. This is why VIPole team has started this series of posts – to clarify why VIPole is different from other communication apps. After VIPole vs. Skype post, we are planning to speak about other popular instant messengers and project management services. If there are certain services that you would like to see compared with VIPole – let us know in comments, via the feedback form or contact our support team (VIPole ID Support).

Contact us to order VIPole enterprise solutions, get a personal consultation and a free trial.

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