How to get the most of VIPole affiliate programs: practical tips to make money


Affiliate marketing is a win-win opportunity for business and customers and an easy way to earn money online. The company has the product and the people have the audience that might be interested in it. This is why the business is ready to share a cut of profits with loyal customers.

VIPole affiliate programs are easy to enroll and to participate, and with a serious approach to your business, you can earn even more. Every effort is followed by inspiring results. We have gathered practical advice on how to make participation in affiliate programs more profitable, and we observed it with VIPole features and the terms of the Business Club in mind.

VIPole partners and Business Club members get money for promoting VIPole products from their home. With dedication and masterhood of participants, affiliate programs bring significant extra money. There are multiple ways for attracting people and benefiting from their activity.

Explore the product and the opportunities it provides


To sell the product, you need to be trusted. When you speak about the things that you understand and use yourself, you are an expert. Explore VIPole to find the hidden opportunities that could attract your audience. Updates are released regularly, and there are always new subjects to speak about. VIPole specials and discounts attract customers, and this is a way to get more leads.

As a leader, you should be the first one to know about the opportunities that will bring the most revenue for you and your team. VIPole solutions for business bring high lump sum payments, and the cloud solution – VIPole Team account – brings permanent and stable income as long as leads renew their subscription.

VIPole is a social service, which means that each of your leads is likely to invite friends for secure communication, and these people will invite their friends. The small network of affiliates that you build will expand naturally, like any other social network. VIPole Business Club takes every new connection into account, including the 12th generation and even more – with the Infinity Bonus. We introduced special bonuses that allow Business Club members to get income from 24 generations of users and bonuses for inviting free VIPole users.

Staying in the loop on all trends in the sphere that you are dealing with when you become an affiliate is what will make you a professional. Explore secure communication technologies and what news and concepts are hot. When your content responds to popular keywords – your offer meets the requirements.

Honest and detailed product reviews that highlight its benefits with your personal experience are certainly more appealing than the official content of the company. Tell your readers how VIPole can be useful for arranging their affairs and protect their identity online. Remember, that VIPole gives bonuses for newcomers, therefore our programs are beneficial both for Business Club members and for their leads.

The profit from affiliate marketing depends on the size of your audience online. When you are a popular blogger, you set the trends and the audience follows your recommendations. However, even an average user can make a good income in the Business club – it’s all about motivation.

When you become a Business Club member, you join not only our local community – you join the global community of the people who make money in affiliate programs. Many of them are highly experienced, and when they share expertise on professional forums, it is valuable. Get experienced through socializing.


Motivate and guide your team


As you become experienced in affiliate programs, publish your own tips for newcomers. When you act as a leader, people are eager to join your team. VIPole Business Club allows you to benefit through teamwork, not just through personal efforts. Therefore, you are interested in motivating your leads to earn more, as it brings direct benefit to you.

Discuss the methods of attracting clients with your leads. You don’t necessarily need personal meetings for it – use your blog or social media to express your ideas, and more people will join you. VIPole voice and video conferences are also useful for discussing your strategy. This is your business and together you can find the best ways to reach your target audience.

However, real life brainstorming is still the best inspiration for teams. And parties!

Personal touch works best for engaging people. While for presenting VIPole products in general you may just use a banner, it’s more efficient to contact people directly if you want them to become your leads in the Business Club. Your profit depends on the motivation and the spirit of your team.


Use your resources – you have them

The great thing about affiliate programs is that anyone can participate. Of course, the service package in of the newcomer the Business Club matters, but the opportunities are unlimited. Participating in an affiliate program brings income for years. Whether you are a blogger, a webmaster or you are active in social media – you already have the audience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – express yourself in the way you are used to.

Speak about VIPole and secure communication in your blog to make your recommendation targeted. When you speak about the hottest data security trends on the internet – you attract people to your blog. When you add a banner with your affiliate link to these posts – you get new leads.

If you don’t have time for creating a project that would be centered around a single topic, you may cover this topic occasionally – it will still work better than a banner that does not correspond at all with the general idea of the site.


Understand the needs of your audience


Secure communication in VIPole is demanded by enterprises and teams. VIPole has a variety of tools designed specifically for business communication and collaboration. When you speak about VIPole in your blog or social media, make sure to mention the features that pose special interest.

Target audience

Why security matters

VIPole features

Individual users People interested in protecting their sensitive data on the internet, that wish their name and other personal data to be hidden from the easy rich of search engines and strangers. Encrypted instant messaging, secure voice and video calls, encrypted file exchanging and storage, IP masking, hidden contacts.
Business Security staff in companies, as well as the management board that needs protecting private conversations from eavesdropping and controlling the activity of the employees.  Voice and video conferencing, group chats, storing encrypted documents on servers, sharing passwords securely.

Enterprise solutions with the administration panel for managing users, security settings and connections.


Track and manage your affiliate campaign


When you know what methods of spreading your affiliate message work better, you can improve the overall strategy and focus on what brings the best results. For this purpose, we have developed a highly detailed statistics table that shows the clicks on your referral link and what they result in: new site visitors, registrations and sales. Once you join the affiliate program – a comprehensive dashboard will arrive on your account page on VIPole website.

Develop several promotion strategies for different kinds of products. Even seemingly insignificant details may increase your profit, therefore perform split testing to see, where and when to reach your audience. When you choose a place for a banner, some locations are more noticeable, while others may bring conversions due to the context where they are placed. Your Business Club member statistics page shows, which page has generated leads for you and where your referral link works best.

Affiliate statistics includes:

  • Information about the attracted partners: the enter page, the location and the language of the user.
  • Information about the sales: VIPole products, Business Club packages and the revenue.

Apart from the tools that VIPole offers for tracking your progress in affiliate programs, there is special software that may also be useful to monitor your conversions. The most proficient users may want to go deep in details to improve their performance.


Run the online business!


VIPole affiliate program provides inspiring opportunities for our subscribers and for all who are interested in making money online. You can make it a source of extra income simply by adding a banner to your online resources. Organize your affiliate activities and enjoy profits even when you don’t expect them.

The commission is paid not only for product sales, but also for inviting new partners. With the sale of each Partner service package, you get 20% of the profits, and the sales of Partner packages by your leads bring 15% of profits to your account balance.

The Business Club can become your full-fledged source of income. When you make money online, you no longer have to settle down. Live anywhere and get involved in the affiliate program when you feel like it – more involvement here means more freedom.

How to start?

Join VIPole Business Club today and make extra money easily. Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on and download VIPole secure messenger.
  2. Join the Business Club on your account page with the Bronze, Gold or Platinum service package.
  3. Share the referral link in your blog and social media, add a VIPole banner to your site if you have one.
  4. When your referrals buy VIPole products or join the Business Club – you get high payouts.
  5. As soon as your affiliate structure is formed, you start getting steady passive income.

We are always ready to polish up the Business Club system when our affiliates have suggestions. If you have questions on the terms of participation in VIPole affiliate programs – please, contact our Support team.

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