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How to get the most of VIPole affiliate programs: practical tips to make money


Affiliate marketing is a win-win opportunity for business and customers and an easy way to earn money online. The company has the product and the people have the audience that might be interested in it. This is why the business is ready to share a cut of profits with loyal customers.

VIPole affiliate programs are easy to enroll and to participate, and with a serious approach to your business, you can earn even more. Every effort is followed by inspiring results. We have gathered practical advice on how to make participation in affiliate programs more profitable, and we observed it with VIPole features and the terms of the Business Club in mind.

VIPole partners and Business Club members get money for promoting VIPole products from their home. With dedication and masterhood of participants, affiliate programs bring significant extra money. There are multiple ways for attracting people and benefiting from their activity.

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VIPole Resolutions for 2016

resolutions 2016-1

2015 was a lucky year for VIPole: we have expanded our developers’ team, released the long awaited iOS version, launched fundamentally new multiuser conferences and added new features for privacy protection and business collaboration. That was a productive year, and our team will continue this course in 2016 with many inspiring ideas and innovations. We are already testing some of the new features, including the upcoming iOS updates that will be soon released.

Some of our development plans for 2016:

  • The release of the open source VIPole client.
  • VIPole Everywhere technology – empowering users to communicate directly with each other, bypassing VIPole servers.
  • The White Label solution – VIPole technologies with individual branding.
  • Certainly a bunch of new features for all VIPole versions. The iOS app will evolve significantly.
  • Videoconferencing will include new collaboration features and new formats of data exchange.

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Group account or Corporate Server: what to choose for the team?

group account vs server what to choose

Hundreds of millions of people all over the planet use messengers daily. We are all used to the convenience of conversations when any acquaintance is at the fingertips and any kind of data, be it a document or just a landscape photo, can be shared immediately, even if the data recipient is in thousands of kilometers away. As messengers became a widespread technology, enterprises got an advantage from them when they needed to coordinate a small group of people and exchange data. Still the opportunity to exchange texts and pictures is unable to cover all the communication needs of companies. Maintaining a project often requires tools that are provided by several independent services.

There is one more concern – security. Employees use personal devices to access enterprise data. When conversations go beyond the boundaries of corporate data exchange – the company no longer controls the routes of the data. This risk is considered inevitable, as employees should be always connected to stay effective. When we speak about data security, compromises won’t make business safer. Encrypted communication with additional tools for data exchange and storage may be a solution. VIPole allows to control the data on all connected devices at all stages of storage and transmission. In this post, we will showcase the opportunities of VIPole solutions for teams and enterprises that can become a part of your daily private and business interactions.

VIPole group chats, conferences and task management enable businesses to achieve more and protect sensitive data from intruders. With target-oriented interconnection both within the company and with the vendors and business partners all the communications of the company can be categorized into different flows. Exchange messages and files, make audio and video calls, arrange conferences and hold meetings, send large files in the middle of the conversation or call and get notifications when the file transfer is complete – it is all in one app.

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