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VIPole Resolutions for 2016

resolutions 2016-1

2015 was a lucky year for VIPole: we have expanded our developers’ team, released the long awaited iOS version, launched fundamentally new multiuser conferences and added new features for privacy protection and business collaboration. That was a productive year, and our team will continue this course in 2016 with many inspiring ideas and innovations. We are already testing some of the new features, including the upcoming iOS updates that will be soon released.

Some of our development plans for 2016:

  • The release of the open source VIPole client.
  • VIPole Everywhere technology – empowering users to communicate directly with each other, bypassing VIPole servers.
  • The White Label solution – VIPole technologies with individual branding.
  • Certainly a bunch of new features for all VIPole versions. The iOS app will evolve significantly.
  • Videoconferencing will include new collaboration features and new formats of data exchange.

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