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VIPole Resolutions for 2016

resolutions 2016-1

2015 was a lucky year for VIPole: we have expanded our developers’ team, released the long awaited iOS version, launched fundamentally new multiuser conferences and added new features for privacy protection and business collaboration. That was a productive year, and our team will continue this course in 2016 with many inspiring ideas and innovations. We are already testing some of the new features, including the upcoming iOS updates that will be soon released.

Some of our development plans for 2016:

  • The release of the open source VIPole client.
  • VIPole Everywhere technology – empowering users to communicate directly with each other, bypassing VIPole servers.
  • The White Label solution – VIPole technologies with individual branding.
  • Certainly a bunch of new features for all VIPole versions. The iOS app will evolve significantly.
  • Videoconferencing will include new collaboration features and new formats of data exchange.

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VIPole iOS app is on the App Store – download and explore!


What we all have long been waiting for is now here – VIPole 1.0 for iOS is on the App Store and you can download it and start chatting today! December is the time for miracles, and the result of efforts of all our team is also a sort of a miracle – created for the people, by the people. We hope you like the lovely and handy design of the app with all the core VIPole features. Encrypted instant messaging, group chats and secure voice calls cannot wait to assist your daily interactions. Download and explore!

Use VIPole on all your devices to increase productivity: the app is crossplatform and synchronizes your data across mobile and desktop devices. Set the synchronization period that is best for you. The desktop version is equally good on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. IPhone users are unlikely to use the Android devices as well, but just for your information – VIPole on Android supports file exchange and is now generally more sophisticated then the brand new iOS app. The iOS version is in soft launch and is not as full-featured yet as the desktop one and every update will broaden the communication opportunities of the app.

This post gives an overview of the features available in the iOS version of VIPole now. The newcomers who have just downloaded the app will get a detailed instruction on what it’s all about and how to get started. However, even those users who have been using the desktop version for a long time may discover new tricks here. Continue reading

VIPole for iOS is undergoing beta testing

VIPole app for iOS beta testing

VIPole runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android devices, but we understand, that for many people iPhones are the default way of communication with the world. iPhone is the first thing they touch when they get up and the last thing they touch before they fall asleep.

We are glad to inform all the Apple lovers that VIPole will arrive at App Store soon. We are beta testing the application now to improve usability and protect you from dealing with possible bugs. As soon as VIPole for iOS is ready to meet you we will let you know right away.

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VIPole Secure Messenger for iOS is coming soon!

Secure Messenger for IOS

Great news for iPhone owners!

VIPole version for iOS is under hard development now and is preparing for release. VIPole for iOS is coming really soon – public version is planned to appear in the first half of 2015.