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VIPole Desktop Update 3.6.1: choose your own communication style

A short while ago we’ve released VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1. In addition to the interface improvements, it includes a number of innovations. You may have already downloaded the update, but are you sure that you have discovered all the new features? Today we will dwell upon them and observe the cases when they are especially useful.

New contact list and security settings VIPole Secure Messenger - Hidden contacts, Fixed online status

Hidden contacts

The new type of contacts is introduced – hidden contacts. To hide a contact a user sets a special password, which is subsequently used to display this particular contact. The hidden contact option is in the list of security options for a certain contact. It is possible to hide several contacts under one password, when it’s entered, they are displayed all at once. Hotkeys Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3 can be used to hide and unhide contacts. The hidden contacts are displayed in the contact list in italics after they are disclosed for a chat.

When you hide a contact in the secure messenger – nobody can find out, to whom you send your goodnight wishes.

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